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Writing on the walls

Writing on the walls is a stop motion film about a young girl who has been groomed into gang culture due to her love of graffiti. Lexi has always admired graffiti art, looking at graffiti is her calm amidst being alone, bullied and escaping an unhappy home. She was groomed into the gang by being offered spray cans and encouraged to make art. She was also offered friendship and a family. It soon turned into something she didn’t want to be a part of, but she struggled to then escape this culture. The graffiti represents both the pull into this culture and her life in pictures. Lexi then brings a knife with her when she goes out as she is scared. She ends up being the one hurt. This is represented in the film by the graffiti memorial of Lexi at the end, revealing that Lexi is no longer there. All that is left is her graffiti.  

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